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Investing In Milford & Surrounds

Investing In Milford & Surrounds

The North Shore’s Milford has a lot to offer.

 Its unique landscape offers the picturesque Lake Pupuke on one boundary and the stunning East Coast beach to the left- providing some of North Shore’s most sought after real estate. 


The former seaside settlement boasts an incredible shopping centre of over 300 businesses. 

And there’s even more to come. The future development of Milford’s streetscape and business areas will ensure sustainable population growth for the next 30 years! These developments will enhance the area for the years to come whilst looking to maintain Milford’s unique identity.

To find out more about Milford and its location, attractions, and businesses – visit the Milford Business Association page 



Lake Pupuke is a heart-shaped freshwater lake occupying a volcanic explosion crater (or maar) between the suburbs of Takapuna and Milford on the North Shore. Separated from the sea by less than 200 m at one point, it has a circumference of about 4.5 km and reaches 57 m in depth. It is popular for recreational activities and the lakefront property around it.